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So, what exactly is a health coach?


Busy? Tired? Strapped for time? Are you so bogged down with your career, family, pets, laundry, etc, that you have no time left for yourself? Have you been on an endless struggle with your weight, but fitness takes the back burner while you deal with everything else first?

I will help you lose weight, keep it off, gain muscle, and eat in a way that supports your wellness, (without being hangry), all while you manage the many other demands of your time.

To say you’re busy is an understatement. I get that. But you’re here, and that tells me you might be thinking it’s time to make a change for the better. Maybe you’ve tried multiple different diet plans, supplements, teas, detoxes, wraps, and/or workout regimens, with some success.

But then what?

If you’ve tried something in the past that worked, but now it doesn’t, what happened?

I’m guessing LIFE happened. As in, a job change. School. New partner. A baby. A move. A breakup. Promotion. Marriage. You know, life stuff. And as a result, taking care of yourself got harder.

Maybe you’ve tried to do some things on your own. Bought a book. Started a diet that involved copious amounts of green juice. Followed a fitspo on Instagram who had abs that belong on a magazine cover. Got a food dehydrator. Did you see long-term results? Why not?

Why hasn’t anything really worked? For the long haul?


I’m guessing:

You have limited time.

You probably spend more waking hours at your job than you do with your family. You work hard, and when you’re done, there are people, homework, pets and countless responsibilities waiting for you at home. Time is precious, and it’s limited. You don’t have hours to spend at the gym or in the kitchen.

You plateaued.

When you follow a plan, to a T, it will work, at first. But even the best training and nutrition plans can lead to a plateau. How do you break through the plateau? Do you keep going, or do you put on the brakes and open a bag of chips?


You’re not entirely sure what to do.

Have you heard of Google? It’s a great resource if you want to find out how many tablespoons are in a cup (16), but when it comes to fitness, it is just plain overwhelming. The problem isn’t lack of information. It’s sifting through the junk and knowing what to do with the good stuff. And EVERYONE has an opinion.


So let’s talk about some of the icky stuff that no one wants to talk about when it comes to losing weight.

  • It’s hard. Like, really hard. If you’ve eaten the same turkey and cheese sandwich and bag of chips for the last 15 years for lunch, that’s just not going to change overnight. Think about any habit you’ve tried to break. How easy is change? Weight loss really is simple (eat in a calorie deficit, move your body); it’s not necessarily easy. But you can do this. You really can. You just have to start by committing to the process, even when it gets hard.
  • Patience is a virtue. For real. You know there are no quick fixes or short cuts. There will be days, sometimes weeks, when the scale just doesn’t budge. And that’s okay. If you keep at it, and be patient, you will see results. But waiting isn’t easy. (Remember the Tom Petty song? He wasn’t kidding. The waiting really is the hardest part.) It took you a while to get where you are now, right? It takes a long time to lose weight and cement the healthy patterns that will keep it off.
  • Consistency will be your best friend (and worst enemy). You don’t get good at what you don’t practice. Fitness, like most things, is a learned behavior. How did you get good at driving? How did you excel at your job? How did you nail a craft after a series of Pinterest fails (speaking from experience here)? You. Keep. Trying. Weight loss is no different. Consistency means that you take the good, the bad, and the ugly of weight loss, as hard as it may be some days, and keep rolling.

So, you’re ready to do something. To work hard, and see progress. And stick with it. You’re ready to stop the lose-gain cycle. You want to have it all, once and for all.

Where do you start?


Hi! I’m Carrie. I’m a physician, health coach, and personal trainer. Beyond that, I am a wife, mom, bodybuilder, dog lover, and queen of sarcasm. I have gym hair most days. I make a messy PBJ.

And I. Love. Fitness.

More importantly, I love to help other people love fitness too.

Deep down, you probably have an idea of what you need to do in order to achieve your wellness goals. If you already know the answer, what’s standing in the way? The information is out there, (and there is a LOT of it), yet despite this we are still a largely overweight, sedentary population. How many times have you heard ‘calories in, calories out,’ or ‘eat less, move more?’ It is just not that easy!

This is where I will help you. I work with busy, motivated men and women to get them stronger, help them lose weight, and establish healthy patterns for the long term.

How will I do this for you? I will provide you with:

A training plan that meets you where you’re at, is fun, challenging and progressive to get you results. This does not mean hours in the gym, but it means going hard and pushing yourself. You get all the specifics, so you know exactly what you need to do when you’re starting your workout. There may be a mix of strength training, high intensity bursts, endurance efforts…we change it up based on your needs.

Straightforward nutrition planning. Having read countless journals, blogs, research articles, and medical literature, I know there is a LOT of information out there. I will pare it down for you and give you simple meal planning guidance that is easy to follow, includes variety, and is flexible enough so you don’t get bored. I do not believe in one specific way of eating for every person. We figure out what works best for you, so you can make healthy eating your lifestyle instead of simply a diet.


Accountability. This is key. You and I are partners in this together. You give me your best effort, and I will give you the tools to get you where you want to be. We check in, troubleshoot, strategize, set goals, and go after them. At the same time, you can consider me your own personal cheerleader. I will be here to answer your questions, celebrate your victories, help you get back on track if you fall off, and be your wing-man when you need it.

What else should you expect? As your coach, I will provide the space to examine much more than how much you bench press and how many grams of protein you’re taking in. At our check-ins, we will look at the big, important areas of your life such as career and relationships (and many others) that are impacting you and might be keeping you from achieving your goals. We discuss methods to make long term, sustainable, realistic lifestyle changes, while taking into account the important life stuff.



  • I am a physician. That is, I am a science nerd at heart who spent a boatload of my 20s and 30s studying anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. I know how to read medical, fitness, and sports literature and pick apart the studies to apply them to real life. I know a thing or two about anatomy and biomechanics.
  • As a personal trainer, I have a deep understanding of movement and resistance training to guide you in safe, effective exercise. I am a stickler for form over pounds (otherwise, you’re going to get hurt).
  • As a health coach, I have studied loads of dietary theories. You will be given tools to evaluate whatever diet you’ve heard of with a critical eye. You will learn the nuts and bolts of healthy eating, without getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty details. (Let me do that for you.)
  • I am a busy professional and parent who knows what it’s like to juggle multiple demands. You’ve got things to do and you don’t have a lot of time. I got your back, and we make this simple.
  • I do not believe in quick fixes. I am not going to suggest a pill, wrap, fairy dust, or any other gimmick, because it won’t work and I don’t believe in it. What I do believe in is working really hard, being persistent, digging deep, and having some grit. I will be here with you for the long haul to get the work done.

Are you ready to do this? Let’s get started.



  • Accountability
  • Cheerleading (in a not-obnoxious kind of way)
  • Sounding board
  • Troubleshooting roadblocks
  • Expertise in health behavior change
  • Strategizing
  • Meet you where you are RIGHT NOW
  • Bring you back to YOUR why

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